Project Description

LUCID Medical Diagnostics

LUCID Medical Diagnostics is a comprehensive healthcare facility established in 2007 for the purpose of providing quality laboratory and radiology diagnostic service.  From its original location in Hyderabad, India, LUCID now has a total of five (5) centers, three (3) of which are located in Hyderabad, one (1) in Secunderabad, and  one (1) in Bengaluru.  It has partnered with established leaders in the industry of medical equipment manufacture including General Electric (GE) Medical Systems, USA and SIEMENS Medical Systems, and Germany.

The state-of-the-art equipments provided are placed in the hands of health professionals whose commitment and expertise are beyond reproach.  The advantages of modern day technology are combined with the knowledge and proficiency of certified radiologists to enable doctors to ably dispense the required treatment for individual patients.

We have been keenly aware from the very start of the role we must play in our clients’ bid to address their health concerns.  We know that our excellent performance in our line of service will help our patients make wise decisions towards their well-being.  We endeavor to provide our customers the right procedure at the right time on their individualized needs and requirements.

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