Project Description

Ramayya Pramila Urology Hospital

Ramayya Pramila Hospital had its origin in 1970, established by Dr. G.P. Ramayya and Smt.Pramila Devi Ramayya, dedicated to curing urological ailments and helping people to keep their health in good form. The hospital has, in its existence for more than four decades, developed into a state of the art surgical and urological treatment centre. It keeps itself at par with the latest in medical technology that is made available to its patients who develop great confidence in the hospital.

Today, Ramayya Pramila Hospital maintains its position among the finest hospitals that is exclusively providing uro care of the highest standards. It provides care and cure for more than 18 urological conditions that affects almost any person irrespective of age, gender and locality. The hospital, in a forthcoming attitude, is attempting to bring more and more people with urological issues into confidence and trying to communicate with and educate them to find expert care and get a healthier and happier life.

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